About me

I’m Emma, an in-my-40s mami to two ( 5 and 9).

I’m also a maker of ‘stuff’ – much of which is unfinished and sat in my overflowing hobby cupboard! A professional term for me may be a hobbyist*… others may say compulsive or fickle!

I work full-time as an emergency service communications manager, meaning that in a world of 24hr news and social media, I rarely feel off-duty. I love it – but have lately come to realise the importance of balance.

So there you have it. Me.

I’ve wanted to blog for a while. In fact I threw it into the #Before40 pot/imagined list, so it HAD to happen!

The problem is, I’ve struggled to get to the point of starting because of all the other things going on, either at home, at work or, in my head!

I trip through life – there’s rarely a plan, just a screaming desire to do loads, achieve loads, see loads. I’m always looking for the next adventure, challenge or scary thing!

I don’t know who said this, but it’s spot on! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

‘A ship in a port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.’

It wasn’t until it was suggested to me that I write a piece about an awesome work and wellbeing event I went to last year (you can read it here), that it dawned on me – the kerfuffle of my life journey is my topic.

Sometimes I’m on a high speed train. Sometimes I’m on one of those long, straight (dull) travelators at the airport. There’s rarely an in-between with me!

I wake at least a few times a week (or, lay wide-awake during the small hours), contemplating the ‘what next’. It’s not unusual for me to end up in a battle with myself, with challenges mainly relating to my own impulsiveness, time and/or expectation! I am a load** (as we say around these parts).

When I wrote that post for the other blog, I realised how relaxed I felt as I was doing it. I write all day in work, but this was different. I wrote about an experience I had and was totally honest about me, my little insecurities and, what I gained from the event. I was also writing at my own pace, with space and time to think. I spoke about an adventure I spotted, committed to, had doubts about and still went anyway!

So if you’ve just found my blog, welcome to my kerfuffle-sorter and hopefully the catalyst I need to steer my own fun-bus in a less erratic manner!

This space provides me with an opportunity to write stuff down, mull it over, step back from it to get some perspective and shape the ‘what next’ (I was tempted to write ‘and why‘ there… but I’ll keep the ‘whys’ for work – In real life ‘whys’ can bring the mood right down!).

I hope you take something from my ramblings – I think I will.

* My hobbies and flights of fancy are too many to list here, but I expect they’ll feature heavily throughout my blog!🤦🏼‍♀️

**A LOAD = A handful; ‘Special’; Not to be confused with high maintenance!

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