You have been evicted. Please leave the big white house.

…abasyn’ia nasty little man.

So much damage left in his wake. BUT, hopefully (perhaps, maaaaybe?) a lesson that reality TV and actual living life in the real world shouldn’t mix, with Chumps time in office the result of a hideous experiment started some twenty years before.

I’ll put my hand up as an obsessive fan of early series’ of Big Brother, and other programmes that followed… I am in part responsible for the reality horror show that’s unfolded globally.

Google the guy who spoke on CNN once Biden’s victory was called and rather than laugh at the stupid/funny/maybe in retrospect, nasty stuff that endless reality shows have given us, take what he says about being able to tell/show his kids that kidness and truth matter.

I hope they make sure he doesn’t have any spare keys to that house.

*Goes off to Google the man on CNN.

Facebooks Memories – A reminder of the mood.

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