Abasyn’ia, 2020!

31/12/2020… On the town, parrtttey!

I mean, I’d like to say I’ve had more glamorous NYEs, but that wouldn’t be true, or at least not for the last decade and more.

What a blooming year, eh?!

I’ve been one of the fortunate ones, benefitting from (surviving) time with the squatters and Stu that I could never have imagined.

Busier at work than I could ever have anticipated – the major incident that just keeps on keeping on… but SO grateful to have and retain a job.

The time away from my folks making me realise just how important my bubble chums are to me, and how much Arlie and Dai need them.

To have the choice and mental freedom to decide to stay at home and ride the storm out, even when we were allowed out to play. Nothing has ever made me feel more grateful for our home, space and garden than 2020. I was already aware of being very lucky in life, but this year has whacked the volume up tenfold for me.

2020 has made me (I hope) a better person, aided by some honest conversations with myself earlier in the year, the wonderful Occi Health team, and realising that sometimes it’s better to give in and slow down, instead of juggling, stressing and getting angry.

I have no grand plans for 2021 (and any plans I do have are cautiously pencilled in!). BUT, I will be finding ways to help others more; enjoying some time sat still, just pondering; and, taking full advantage of all that is close to home – it’s kept us well this year, and I owe a lot to ‘going local’.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and contented 2021, with hopes of some freedom filled frivolity before the year is out.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 🥰


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