When you change your mindset…

When my NYE 2017 status came up on my FB ‘Memories’ whotsit earlier, it made me smile.

The physical and mental ‘mehness’ of 2017 continued into January and by mid-month I collapsed in an exhausted heap.

I was diagnosed with another bout of Labrynthitis and told to STOP! Unbeknown to me at the time, I’d also crushed two back teeth from thinking so hard (!!) – their removal was less than pleasant but my migraines have reduced significantly since… silver lingings and all.

Anyway, the January situation was a massive turning point for me. I sat almost still for a week and a half. I did nothing, read nothing and watched very little. Where family responsibilities allowed, I became a statue!

After this I spent another week, mostly in my comfies, doodling, knitting and reading. I also managed to binge watch endless box sets on Netflix. T’was bliss.

I quickly realised I’d spent care-free hours doing the things I loved – the things I hadn’t done for such a long time, but were once a big part of me being me – Netflix binging aside. That was new and, a heavenly revelation!

On my return to work I was determined that I’d continue to do these things.

As I was up against a collapsing timeframe, I also thought it was about time I did something about this #Before40 thing I had going on (mainly in my head!) and made a start on the things I wanted to do, as opposed to just Googling them!

And so it began – the beginning of what I think has been my best year ever. A year full of experiences.

I started doing rather than ‘should-ing’ or ‘wanting’ and reprioritised things to get the much needed balance that was missing for me.

I met new people and formed new friendships. I signed up to some things that I’d not entertained the idea of before and I’ve taken something from all of them. And, I ‘liberated’ some of the ideas that had been languishing on my Pinterest boards for much too long.

Don’t get me wrong, I still signed up for things and then willed myself to break an arm or be struck down with terrible man-flu so I could pull out, but that’s just me and I accept it now. It’s odd, but I’m a bit odd and l’m comfortable with that!

I’ve been trying to put nine images together for Instagram’s #bestnine2018, but I can’t narrow my brilliant year of being, learning and adventuring into just nine pictures, so I’ve stuck a load below and broken the rules!

As at this time in 2017, I’m not making resolutions for the year ahead. I’m just going to commit to continue in the same vein as 2018. Being open to new experiences, doing the things that tickle my fancy and pushing myself to be a better me, for me and mine.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda (Happy New Year) to you all. See you in 2019.


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