‘Me’ time. Weirdo… maybe!

I’ve woken up with a view of the sea, hearing nothing but the sound of waves and in last night’s clothes*.

I didn’t get lost on the way home after a crazy night on the pop – I’m having some ‘me’ time!

I’m parked overlooking my favourite spot in the whole wild (<<< I know that’s wrong) world, with Dolly’s boot wide-open and only my knitting, a book and my laptop for company. This is me, living my ‘parallel dream life’ (maybe I’ll tell you about that in another post!).

Where’s my real life?! The Squatters are away with my folks on what sounds to be a fabulous trip so far and, the husband is working all weekend.

When I realised I had a free 48hrs, my mind went into overdrive. I could do the much-needed cleaning around the house; I could paper and paint the pantry; I could pull-off one of my long weekenders at work and get on top of my admin OR, I could disappear for some ‘me’ time.

I say disappear – I’d be the world’s worst missing person… if in doubt, head to Newgale, Pembrokeshire!

So here I am.

I’ve been here about 16hrs now. I’ve made myself comfortable. I’ve been for a stroll and I’ve identified a go-to bin and toilet cubicle of preference. What more do you need when camping (wild camping mind – I’ve opted out of staying in the official campsite – it’s over run with raucous tourists!).

People often tilt their head and repeat ‘on your own’ when I tell them I’m off lone-adventuring, but I love it… and it’s backed up by the BBC so it’s got to be ok >>> Read this – This is what I’m trying to say, but this author is way more eloquent than I could ever be!

I don’t often have many opportunities to have time to myself without someone needing something of me, be it at home or in work. There’s always something to be done or someone to speak to.

I like my own company. I think I even NEED it to reset myself.

I’m an only child and some of my nicest memories from about 10 years of age was opening my bedroom door, retrieving my tray of snacks, closing my door and remodelling my bedroom or doing some drawing or writing. My parents will want me to tell you here that this was my choice – and it absolutely was!

My mother worked nights and my father worked shifts, so as I got older if there was an overlap on a weekend where Mam came home as Dad was going to work, I’d have the treat of the tray outside my door. IT WAS BLISS! (Note: there were more secure arrangements in place when they were both on night shifts!).

My tray-treat was the beginning of me clutching at my independence and being 100% comfortable on my own, and I’m so grateful to my parents for giving me that.

There’s loads online about the benefits of spending time alone, be it the impact on mental health or on creativity. There also plenty about the important distinction between choosing to be alone and loneliness.

If you fancy running away temporarily or even trying to pinch an hour or two to yourself without feeling guilty, there’s plenty of stuff out there to help you see that you’re allowed to do it, if you choose. This is my fave here from Psychology Today.

If you have things you like to do on your own or places you go, I’d like to hear about them… promise I won’t go at the same time as you!

*It was too cold to get changed!


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