The GREAT outdoors

I’m back from another fantastic weekend exploring the mighty west Wales coast and, my sand-matted hair, slightly sunburnt shoulders and sense of contentment in my tum are screaming… “Being outdoors is GREAT!”

It hasn’t always been that way though.

As a kid I used to really enjoy going out to play in the woods near where I grew up. I’d spend hours out on my bike, climbing rocks and scrambling up the coal tip. But then I became a teenager! I discovered make-up, hair dye and false eyelashes and, for a while there, things became a bit preened an effortsome!

Now my idea of a wild weekend away involves a camping stove, a bobble hat and usually the sea.

This is Dolly – my VW Brazilian Bay. Dolly is my longed-for ‘one day’ dream and, my prize for being brave enough to bite the bullet and put myself forward for voluntary redundancy in 2015. Wherever Dolly goes, I can usually guarantee fun will follow!

Dolly has been my ticket to the great outdoors. This is our third summer together and to date, we’ve had a blast! She’s been there when I climbed some big old mountains; is my surf wagon and weekend retreat; she’s my only welcome company on the rare opportunity I get to go lone camping and hopefully, a long lasting memory for the Squatters* of summers spent under the stars, getting grubby and eating one pot meals.

There’s something very safisfying about popping the roof, hanging the solar lights and the sizzle and smell of bacon in the pan.

I spend more money on suntan cream, marshmallows and camping gas now, but that cost is offset by the much reduced amount spent on mascara, hair spray and giving a hoot!

*the collective noun for my children [The Squatters].

I’m thinking of starting a new section to my blog, reviewing campsites and places recently visited with my Dolly, because nothing helps me get some clarity on my kerfuffle more than some time spent in the GREAT outdoors!

Maybe I’ll start later this week with a little review of our most recent campsite-find, Trevayne in Pembrokeshire.


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