My happy day: June 26th

I struggle to remember the day before yesterday.

I can read a book and really enjoy it, but don’t ask me to tell you what happened!

Films, well, totally useless – I envy (those really annoying) people who can quote films word for word.

But experiences… Give me experiences and I’ll tell you what I wore, what I ate (and what you ate), what I could smell and what tunes played!

Today is the 26th June and, it’s a date that is randomly alive in the memory box deep within my mind!

2014: I bought my first wetsuit and braved a dip in UK seas! There began our journey to joining the VanFam and my beginnings into new water-related adventures. To think I’d soon shrug off being slapped in the face by a jelly fish or going a whole wknd without eyeliner seems unbelievable!

2010: My best friend since primary school married her lovely husband on a day not too dissimilar to today – It’s only as I get older, I question the camera man who asked 11 girls in dresses to run over his face!

1999: Wales took on South Africa at the new Millennium Stadium. We all headed into town in 90s glam! The heel of my (classy) plastic shoe got wedged in a drain on Mill Lane, where we came across half the Welsh team. Dafydd James and Colin Charvis freed it for me and saved the day! Later I talked my way into the lobby at the Marriott, where both teams were having a big dinner. Once in, I froze and quickly left again!! In retrospect, I question the sanity of the police officer on the door who listened to my sob story and allowed me access. I could have been a streaker, set to ruin starters for all he knew (Gaaa, I always get my best ideas once it’s too late!).

1998: We finished our A levels and headed of to Ibiza. Our first really big adventure without any adults. Thank goodness there was no FB or smartphones back then and, the only video tape we had of the week has been conveniently misplaced (or so we believe!).

Today is my cumulative happy day – What’s yours?


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